Backrest Moulded Polyurethane Foam Upholstered In Fabric Attached To 12mmplywood With Moulded Polypropylene Backrest Cover.
Seat Moulded Polyurethane Foam Upholstered In Fabric Attached To 12mm Plywood With Moulded Polypropylene Seat Cover
Seat Mechanism Seat Shall Be Provider With A Counter Weight Mechanism Which Automatically Rises The Seat To An Uniform Vertical Fold Position. Seat And Back Shall Be Individually Removable For Service And Replacement
Metal Box Both Aisle And Middle Standards Shall Be Single Wall Floor Type Made Of Press Steel Plate. Aisle Standards Shall Have Upholstered Panels Bolted Aisle Side Of The Standard And Shall Not Projects Beyonds Front Edges Standards To Preclude Tripping Hazard
Metal Parts All Parts Shall Have Smooth Surfaces And Be Free From Burrs Sharp Edges And Shall Be Sufficient Gauge Thickness To Stand Strains Of Normal Use And Abuse Standard (And Frame) Shall Be Chemically Cleaned, Elecfrostically Enamel (20 Microns) And Oven Baked
Backrest & Seat Cover Plastic Shall Be One Piece High Impact Polypropylene With Built In Colour Pigment And Ultra Inhibitors To Retard Fading When Required. Plastic Shall Be Resistant To Detergents, Alcohol And Beverages Under Normal Temperature
Writing Tablet C/W External Wrimatic Tablet
Installation By Raw Bolts For Fixing To Concrete Floor
Tablet Size L 130mm x W 110mm