PSB Seating System, a leading supplier in Retractable / Telescopic Seatings, Auditorium, Lecture Hall, Stadium, and Outdoor Bleachers in Malaysia offers a wide range of seating systems.

Established in 1997 and today it is one of the leading supplier of seating systems, catering for various markets. Being awarded one of the most prestigious projects at the 2002 World Cup in Korea . We specialize in Retractable / Telescopic Seatings, Auditorium, Lecture Hall, Stadium and Outdoor Bleachers, where particular importance is given to the design, comfort & flexibility.

PSB Seating System’s specialist in retractable / telescopic seating systems enables the management of complete space in any given facility in a more effective and efficient manner, where a complete line of options of seating systems with functionality and impressive outlook that a client will expect in a facility. Based on the various types of facilities such as indoor and outdoor Stadiums, Gymnasiums.

Functional Halls and many others, the seating system can be easily extended and retracted to the wall or other places for effective space management in a safe manner.

PSB’s Seating System products are continuously found in many government projects such as stadiums, major hospitals, multi-purpose halls, universities, colleges, schools, corporate offices, training centers & religious institutions.

Our Mission

Providing our valued clients the optimum seating solutions offering a wide range of seating systems, architectured with intricate design for style, comfort and elegance.

Our Vision

To provide our valued clients optimum seating solutions.

Prestigious seating solutions for almost all types of venues.

Our seating solutions are tailor-made to suit your needs. View our range now.